Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Tripsomnia do?

Tripsomnia is an online booking platform for local one- and several-day trips, activities and tourist attractions around the world.

Our goal is to connect Tourists with local tour operators, which allows you to make a secure booking and online payment. This gives you the opportunity to plan in detail and make the most of your time while on vacation. By the way, by booking earlier, you benefit from lower prices from the same organizers.

2. What is the process of booking a trip on our website?

The booking process is very simple and straightforward for everyone. It consists of several steps:

In the first step, you choose the date of the offer on the calendar (click on a green date, and then the "Next" button on the right).
In the second step, we select the number of people, possible discounts, a meeting point, additional options and payment methods. The price calculation for the selected settings is shown.
In the third step, you provide your data and, if applicable, the data of other participants. After accepting the regulations, you go to the online payment (if required).
In the fourth - last step, you choose the payment by a quick bank transfer or card through the DotPay system or payment from a PayPal account.

3. Can I make a reservation at the office?

Reservations are made online via the website. Tripsomnia is a booking platform that does not have a customer service point. In case of some trips, it is possible to make a surcharge for a trip at the organizer's office. Then information about the office's location can be found in the booking confirmation.

4. What are the dates of trips?

In each offer under its title and the most important information there is a calendar with all dates available for booking. Available dates are marked in green, unavailable in red and dates on which the trip does not take place is marked in gray.

5. How far in advance do I book a trip?

Reservations can be made at any time while the date is available on the site. However, due to the required confirmation of the order by the organizer, it is good that you book at least 24 hours before the planned start of the trip. Booking ahead gives you more chance of places being available.

6. Are there any additional fees?

All possible additional fees can be found in the offer description in the section "price does not include".

7. Are there discounts for children / students / pensioners?

All discounts can be checked and calculated by going to step two in the booking process. To do this, select the date on the calendar and click “Next”.

8. Is there an English-speaking guide?

Information regarding the language of the guide is always included in the offer description.

9. What documents are necessary when traveling abroad? Do children also have to have them?

Each participant of a foreign trip (including a minor) is required by law to have a valid identity document. As such, only an ID card (EU countries belonging to the Schengen area) or a passport is accepted. No other document is accepted. If you do not meet this requirement, unfortunately you can not participate in the trip. Not having above mentioned documents is not a basis for applying for reimbursement of travel expenses incurred.

10. Are all dates confirmed?

All dates available on booking calendars (green) are dates of trips confirmed by the organizer. Additionally, after placing the order, you will receive a confirmation of booking by e-mail and text message.

In the off-season, and in rare cases, it may happen that the trip will be canceled due to insufficient number of participants or for reasons beyond the organizer's control, for example weather and political reasons. In this case, you get a full refund of the money paid.

11. Can you cancel your booking?

Unless otherwise specified in the offer, general cancellation conditions apply:

  • More than 48 hours before the starting date of the offer - refund of all paid-in money
  • 48 - 24 days hours the starting date of the offer - refund of the paid money with deduction of the prepayment
  • Less than 24 hours before the starting date of the offer - no refund

12. What is the total price of the trip?

After selecting the date on the calendar and going to the second step, the current prices for a given date, possible discounts, additional options and payment terms are displayed. This calculation should include any mandatory or optional charges included in the section, “Price does not include”.

13. What does the trip price include?

All components of the offer included in its price can be found in the offer description in the "price includes" section.

14. Can I make a prepayment? How do you pay the rest?

The possibility of making an advance payment depends on the tour operator. If the organizer gives this option, then in the second step of the booking it will be given. There, you can also choose (depending on the available variants) whether the payment is made to a bank account, at the organizer's office or, for example, directly on the bus. In the case of optional trips organized on international voyages, the payment is made on the day of the trip.

15. What happens to the money paid in case the trip is cancelled?

In the event of cancellation of a trip for reasons attributable to the organizer or the portal, all the money paid is returned to the account from which the payment was made.

16. What data is required to make a reservation?

When making a reservation, please provide:

  • name and surname, telephone number and e-mail address
  • names and dates of birth of each participant (applies to trips during which the state borders are crossed)
  • hotel name (in case the organizer offers a pickup from the hotel).

17. I made a reservation. How to contact the organizer?

In the e-mail with the confirmation of the booking, as well as in the confirmation itself, there are contact details of the organizer.

18. Do I need to have a printed confirmation / ticket with me?

Unless otherwise stated on the confirmation, you do not need to print the confirmation. We recommend having an electronic version of the confirmation with you. However, a document confirming identity is necessary.

19. Can you book several trips at once?

You can book several trips, but each reservation must be made separately.

20. Are online payments secure?

Online payments can be made in three ways:

  • DotPay system - fast internet transfers or card payment
  • PayPal system - payment from a PayPal account or payment by card
  • PayU system - quick card payments

All three payment systems are reputable companies, whose safety is confirmed by numerous certificates. More about safety:

21. Can Tripsomnia issue invoices?

Tripsomnia, being an online booking platform, cannot issue an invoice. When a customer books tours or attraction, the reservation becomes a legal agreement between the customer and a tour supplier. To receive an invoice, please contact a tour supplier after booking tours.

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